Chasing Radiance: Memoirs & Musings

Erica Sarzin-Borrillo

“For those who are drawn to authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, you will find “Chasing Radiance” deeply moving, inspirational and full of wisdom.”
“A page turner”
Chasing Radiance is a poignant and potent book of memoirs which offers inspiring Spiritual insight and metaphysical reflections drawn from a most unique life. The author shares a personal journey through childhood challenges and a severe chronic illness. Her Mythic perspective so full of wisdom and depth enlighten and bring a personal story into a Universal tale of finding strength and beauty against odds.
There are themes that run through which speak to the Sacred nature of life despite or because of our fate and destiny. Ms. Sarzin-Borrillo inspires us to remember the truth of our own Human potential and the way of the Soul. She reminds us to love life… not just part of it… but all.



CHASING RADIANCE: Memoirs & Musings by Erica Sarzin-Borrillo