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What are we to do with the existential weight of our human condition? I am an elder now as I put these memories and reflections together. But there is a certain thread through my life that keeps me on some soul path and some soul mission despite whatever fates seem to have interfered. No, alas perhaps fate is more like destiny’s fuel… and urges us to be ourselves first and foremost.
Here is a story of initiations, awakenings and transformation in the face of the most challenging moments in time.



Chasing Radiance is a page-turner
The LIFE of the author keeps us wanting more! It’s rich, deep, colorful, intense… and compelling… As I read it, I felt a visceral, powerful presence in my chest… a bit as if I was electrically connected to the author in this book.
Her writing is elegant and juicy… deep and wide with the pulse of a powerful, passionate journey. I am in love with this book, perhaps partly because it awakens so much Life in me. Passion … depth… thank you. I need this nourishment…
I am on my third reading of Erica Sarzin-Borrillo’s fantastic new book, “Chasing Radiance”. For all who aspire to creativity or are fascinated by it, this narrative – with its passionate highs and lows – will give you the inside experience of deep creativity: its sources and its manifestations… its highs and it lows. Borrillo is wildly creative, expressing herself through painting and sculpture, singing, mime and dramatic performance. She is a hurricane of creativity.
Underneath, and fueling this creative passion is a gripping ancestral story beginning in Eastern Europe, with the peril of Sarzin-Borrillo’s Jewish relatives.
Each chapter opens to new and gripping unveilings: the tragic loss of her mother, the precious love affair, the challenging training in voice and mime… the beautiful wedding…
I highly recommend this rich and unique narrative that reveals the grit and passion of one creative life.
Sarzin-Borrillo’s book carries energy. And it’s powerful.
Jane B.
A compelling work brimming over with spiritual insight and creative vision.
Erica Sarzin-Borrillo’s new book, “Chasing Radiance: Memoirs and Musings,” is a beautifully written work that’s as poignant as it is intimate in illuminating the artist’s life. More than that, it’s an invitation to step inside the author’s heart and mind as she describes her mythic journey.
The artist’s ancestral history unfolds through letters and an interview that provide a portal into the artist’s remembrances of past experiences from the exhilarating to the traumatic.
Weaving the spiritual and the creative into a wondrous tapestry of memories and visions, Borrillo paints a picture of the author’s mystic awareness of the convergence of the creative life and the spiritual path.
Concluding with journal entries from the time of the pandemic as well as personal musings on the socio-political turmoil surrounding it, this is an insightful book that will endear itself to anyone seeking shamanic guidance in finding her/his way in the realms of creativity and spirituality.
David Marlowe
Marlowe’s Musings
 Poignant memoir that reads like a novel
A lovely book that will touch the hearts of those searching for beauty, connectedness, artistry and realism.
Erica’s book truly reads like a novel. Her complex life is intriguing and touching. Her journey with illness is heart-rending, and her honest take on our times, our failings and our frightening place in history grabs the reader. As a performing artist myself, I am amazed by the breadth of Erica’s creative talents. Her acting, singing and mime combined with her gifts in the visual arts of painting, jewelry, sculpting and more, along with her gift as a writer show that her talent is truly limitless. All are beautifully expressed in this memoir with an overarching message of love for life, her family and humanity itself. Please pick this book up. It is a quick, fascinating and beautiful read.
Lori Hansen
Lemonade from lemons!
Erica’s story is moving ,sad, fascinating, encouraging, exciting, loving, challenging, and many other things wrapped up in a really interesting read about love, survival and the beauty of the arts.
Sue Kaye
A beautiful, inspiring book!
Chasing Radiance is an in-depth, detailed look into the fascinating and inspiring life of its author, Erica Sarzin-Borrillo. She is so expressive and so passionate! A true artist in every sense of the word. Her journey through this lifetime has had many ups and downs; yet her courage and her art always shine through. A must read!!
Paul Page
A lovely look at the life of an extraordinary woman.
This was the kind of memoir that teaches while it informs. It is the chance to look inside the life of an extraordinary woman. Highly recommended!
Billie McBride
A Rich life
Good biographical read on a talented, multifaceted artist& where she gained her depth.
Cynthia Lykins
Inspirational writings for the soul. The hope of a million new ideas…
Our emotional wellbeing too often becomes the lowest of priorities. The depth of the author’s writings will give you a source of tools for coping and taking better care of yourself. In the long run life is hard for all of us and this book is simply good medicine for the soul.
Stevie Crecelius
A MUST READ for every artist and every person wanting to live their lives as art!
The author has put together such a stirring, passionate, and uplifting memoir that also serves as Call To Action to embrace The Holy Creative, the Sacred Spiritual and the great possibilities that exists for each of us every day. A well-written book from a true artist. A Gift!!
A life fully lived….by a beautiful soul
In her writing & journaling Erica laid her life unapologetically open & her soul bared. I stepped into the not so distant past & journeyed with her to the present, learning so much along the way. I enjoyed each page!
“Artist Erica Sarzin-Borrillo has written a memoir that informs as much as it inspires. 
Her shared early memories from her childhood- filled with, as she describes- love and craziness, up to her most recent reflections on the challenges of our pandemic fueled days, are all wrapped in the wisdom that in the midst of difficulty we can still find joy and inspiration!
Chasing Radiance may be one person’s recounting of a life inspired, and directed
by spiritual oversight, yet while the details may differ, it is truly the story of us all.
Erica encourages us to open our eyes to the higher octave that is ever present in our lives.”
 – Selina Maitreya
 “Erica takes us on a very unique journey,
often defying the gravity of our limited beliefs and experiences. Her artistry is radiantly reflected in her touching memories, her soulful art and her mystical musings. Clearly, diversity can be transmuted into mulch. I walk away inspired to paint my own life.”
 – J. Tamar Stone, M.A., C.H.T.,
“Recounting her rich and multifaceted life,
mystic, artist, and raconteur Erica Borrillo takes the reader on quite an adventure. In retelling her colorful and well-lived life, she shares her inner as well as outer journey; through childhood challenges, her career as an actress, her marriage and family life, as well as her struggle with severe illness.
Throughout, Erica offers inspiring spiritual insights and metaphysical reflections drawn from her dreams, her study of the Tarot, C. G. Jung, Jean Houston, and many others.”
 – Gary Toub, Ph.D.
“Erica has written a brilliant, poignant memoir.
I loved every minute of it. She is a great story teller and reminds us all that bringing our authentic selves to the world is essential.”
 – Cynthia James – International Speaker and Best-Selling Author